Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring is here!

One shoulder summer dress
50 GBP -

Christian dior bag
$3,100 -

Juicy Couture locket bracelet
$148 -

Kate spade jewelry
$148 -

Juicy couture jewelry
85 GBP -

Round sunglass
$36 -

Illamasqua Lipstick
$29 -

59 EUR -

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Whoops! Just realised that I've neglected this little space a bit. :s

Anyway, here's just a little update of what I've been up to...

Since last week was Easter/ Mid-Session break, I did what every student would normally do.. TAKE A BREAK AND RELAX! Haha. Actually I also had plans to do some studying/ catch up on readings, but that obviously failed. Pretty much started doing and completing my assignment/ homework on Saturday (2 days before going back to uni.) Sigh.. The power of procrastination. haha

So, last Tuesday I made my way up to Blue Mountains with a couple of friends. I stayed for a night and I must say I really enjoyed myself. Loved every part of it except the weather though. It was raining the whole day on Tuesday. Super cold and foggy. Spent most of my time indoors (though it's not really a complain). haha. I'm not an outdoor person, so bushwalking and all that isn't really my thing. I was pretty happy to skip that activity. :p We left on Wednesday (mid-day) and fortunately the weather cleared up. A couple of us made our way to Megalong Valley for brunch. I had the BEST steak pie there! Super yummy!
Are you drooling already? :p

Apart from Blue Mountains, I spent my holidays watching The Hills. I know.. Don't judge me. haha

Saturday came and it was time for brunch with my good old foundation friends! Had super yummy scones and tea for brunch at The Rocks. I can't remember the name of this cosy place (shall find out soon) but I'll defo pay a visit again. 
Rachel and I

How cute are these teapot warmers? 

Random deco which gives this place character. 

Love the fairy lights. 

Assortment of plain, maple, raisin and cheese scones

And this brings us to today. Passed up a Finance assignment and did a class test. *runs victory lap* Now let's just hope I did well. haha 

Got home and I saw this package for me. Another Bowerhaus item :p

I say... Hello Disco Shiny Balls. 

One item off my wish list. hehe

Such a good day! I'm feeling so happy! :))


Saturday, April 23, 2011

After Months...

After months of not touching my baking utensils...

I FINALLY brought my baking game ON!

Nothing spectacular.. I just baked my simple but yummilicious vanilla cupcakes. 
But this time 'round with a twist. I added some dark chocolate swirls to it. 

Definitely a favourite now. (:

My brother was particularly happy. I haven't baked it..come to think of it 3 months. So he was just happy he finally got some home-made sweet treats.

Before pulling these outta the oven... I was known as the 'retired baker'. haha

Now, I'm back to being 'The Baker".

Hope all you lovelies are enjoying the Easter break! (:
Happy Easter!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Drooling over...

I'm currently drooling over this Herve Leger baby!

I can so imagine myself in this. Currently making up events and occasions I can wear this dress to... hehe

I'm obsessed. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Favourite Piece


With Baroque pearls and Mother of Pearls.

Love this new addition to my accessories collection! 
I've been prancing around (in and out of the house) with this all weekend! haha


p/s: thanks mom! :p

Friday, April 15, 2011


This week was the craziest ever in the history of my uni life. My workload was beyond manageable!

I spent so much time here...
UNSW Main Library

Reading things like these..
They're my notes if you're wondering. haha

3 mid-sem exams in a week (2 of which were today). After 2 papers, I came home wanting to sleep. But no... I realised that I've an online finance quiz to complete before 12 midnight. So I dragged myself to the study table to look through my work and answer the questions. 

Now here I am... Like FINALLY! I survived my week. Full of ups and downs. There were times where I wanted to cry and pull my hair and run away from everything. But thank God. He pulled me through.

Pheww.. Tonight I can sleep in peace and for once.. Wake up late tomorrow and not worry about things for a few days. Before I start banging my head left, right and centre for my finance assignment due in week 9. eeks!

Oh well, I'll enjoy while I can. (:

Before I sign off... Here's a picture of what I had for lunch today. Random I know.. But this gozleme that I found at uni (Matthews Food Court) was pretty yummy!

And surprise! hehe

Will share about this soon.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Reminder

I just read Nazneen's post about how her car window got smashed and her bag got snatched. A very unfortunate thing to have happened to her. Poor girl! :( 

So this serves as a reminder to all my girlfriends back home and also to myself. 
BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES! And if you can, avoid driving alone at night

Thank God you're safe, Nazneen. Hope you're not too traumatised.

Take care everyone!